Red Sox Reportedly Scouting Josh Harrison and David Freese

By Jason Shetler

The Boston Red Sox have been scouting several names to acquire to be their third baseman, with Josh Harrison and David Freese on the list, this according to Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald. 

Harrison is having himself a good season all-around, which resulted in a second All-Star appearance. He has been slumping lately, but still has a .776 OPS. Harrison is no stranger to playing third base, as he played there regularly in 2015. Unless there’s an overwhelming offer, the Pirates will likely hang onto Harrison for now.

Freese entered 2017 in his second season with the Pirates, this after signing an extension in August of last year. He started off April red hot, posting a .954 OPS, before a hamstring injury put him on the DL. Freese has cooled off with the bat since then, as his OPS is currently at .740. He does however own an .889 OPS vs lefty pitching, while his defense at third remains steady, even in his age 34 season. Like Harrison, Freese is also under contract for next year, so there isn’t a rush to trade him, especially since the numbers haven’t been as good since April.






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