ROOT Sports to Broadcast a Dozen Pirates Spring Training Games

By Jason Shetler

ROOT Sports announced their broadcast schedule for Pirates Spring Training games. As was the case last year, ROOT again will televise a dozen Pirates games this Spring. All 12 games will be played in Bradenton.

Monday, March 6th vs Yankees @ 1:00 ET

Tuesday, March 7th vs Braves @ 1:00 ET

Friday, March 10th vs Rays @ 1:00 ET

Sunday, March 12th vs Twins @ 1:00 ET

Wednesday, March 15th vs Orioles @ 1:00 ET

Friday, March 17th vs Orioles @ 1:00 ET

Tuesday, March 21st vs Rays @ 1:00 ET

Friday, March 24th vs Rays @ 1:00 ET

Saturday, March 25th vs Tigers @ 1:00 ET

Monday, March 27th vs Twins @ 6:00 ET

Tuesday, March 28th vs Red Sox @ 6:00 ET

Wednesday, March 29th vs Phillies @ 1:00 ET









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