Markets for Tyson Ross and Jose Quintana are Tightly Connected

By Jared Lankes

The market for Tyson Ross and Jose Quintana have gotten a lot of clarity recently. It’s been reported that the market for Ross is heating up, and he should sign very soon. And the Jose Quintana sweepstakes may end soon (or might not) as the Pirates, Astros, Yankees, maybe others are still in on him. However, the markets for these two players are more intertwined than we could imagine.

Firstly, Jose Quintana is the best pitcher left available, free agent or otherwise. He’s a player that White Sox can afford to hold onto, even though I don’t see it. So, the White Sox will likely trade him, and only one team can acquire him. Therefore, what do the other teams do about their starvation for a top-of-the-rotation starter? Enter Tyson Ross.

Tyson Ross, before his injury, was becoming one of the better starting pitchers in the National League. He is very capable of doing it again after the injury, especially if he goes to a place good at rehabbing pitchers. Ross could easily find a niche and return to his ace-like form, even if he is only had for a very-short term in comparison to Quintana. He could easily be a backup plan if a team misses out on Quintana.

There is also the case where Ross could sign before a Quintana trade, which I see as more plausible. A team could see themselves as either out on Quintana because they were unwilling to pay the lofty price or just didn’t have the pieces to get such a trade done. Therefore, they look harder at Tyson Ross and try harder to get a deal done for him to fill their need, and it may leave one less team in the bidding for Jose Quintana.

How does this affect the Pirates? Well, Pirates have been linked to Tyson Ross and heavily on Jose Quintana. The Pirates could very well be looking at both fronts and seeing which one is a better situation for them currently and having to make a move based on many factors and then get aggressive on the one front they choose, which could also be the case for teams like the Rangers, Astros, or even the Nationals or Cubs.

Overall, these two markets are joint at the hip, in my opinion. I think the Quintana market will heat up even more once Tyson Ross signs as that will fill one team’s starvation for a potential top arm and clear out the market for Quintana even more. It’ll certainly be intriguing to see how these two markets shake each other out.


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