Pirates Minor League Statistical Leaders Entering July

By Jason Shetler

Here are the Pirates minor league statistical leaders as we enter July. 

Batting average: Kevin Newman  .353

On base percentage: Josh Bell  .410

Slugging percentage: Austin Meadows  .592

OPS: Josh Bell  .951 

Hits: Josh Bell  96 

Walks: Max Moroff  48 

Doubles: Josh Bell  19

Triples: Austin Meadows  10 

Home runs: Josh Bell and Tito Polo each with 12 

RBI’s: Josh Bell  51 

Stolen bases: Tito Polo  24 

Runs scored: Tito Polo  50 

Total bases: Josh Bell  159 

ERA: Tyler Glasnow  1.70

WHIP: Mitch Keller  0.86 

Strikeouts: Tyler Glasnow  105

K/9: Tyler Glasnow  10.5 

BB/9: Mitch Keller  1.2 

Opponents average: Tyler Glasnow  .175 








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