Breaking Down Jameson Taillon’s MLB Debut

By Jason Shetler

p/c: Gene J. Puskar - AP

p/c: Gene J. Puskar – AP

After dominating AAA competition in the International League, Jameson Taillon was called up to the Pirates, and made his big league debut on Wednesday night against the New York Mets. The Pirates #4 prospect pitched six innings while allowing three earned runs. Here now is a breakdown of Taillon’s debut performance. 

Taillon was certainly amped up right from the start, hitting 97 mph with his fastball quite a few times, which is normally where he topped out at with the Indianapolis Indians. The average velocity on his fastball was right at 95.0 mph. His curveball had very good break to it, although he didn’t get a ton of swings and misses. 

Despite the lack of swing and miss action on his pitches, Taillon pounded the strikezone, as he recorded 60 strikes out of the 91 pitches that he threw. The only mistakes he made was a two-run homer to Ty Kelly in the fourth inning and a double to Noah Syndergaard in the fifth inning, which led to a third run. For the most part however, Taillon was able to match one of the best starting pitchers in the National League pitch by pitch. All things considered I thought Taillon pitched decent, nothing more, nothing less.






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