2015 Pirates International Signing Review

By Jason Shetler

On Thursday, Ben Badler of Baseball America reviewed the Pirates International amateur signings from 2015. Since the article is subscription only, I’m going to provide the information for each signee. 

Kevin Sanchez: The Pirates gave out their biggest International signing bonus for 2015 to Kevin Sanchez for $450,000. Sanchez is a 16-year-old outfielder who was signed out of the Dominican Republic. He’s a right-handed batter with outstanding speed. 

Kleiner Machado: There isn’t too much info on Kleiner Machado. He’s a 16-year-old right-handed pitcher that signed out of Venezuela for $90,000. 

Kyle Simmons: It’s not very often that the Pirates sign amateur players from the Bahamas, but that’s what they did last year when they inked Kyle Simmons, an 18-year-old right-handed hitting shortstop. The signing bonus amount for Simmons is unknown, but according to John Dreker of Pirates Prospects, it was less than $100,000. 

Larry Alcime Jr: The Pirates wound up signing not one, but two players from the Bahamas in 2015. The other to sign was Larry Alcime Jr. for $350,000. Alcime is a 6’2 right-handed hitting outfielder. He’s 16 years old and possesses raw power. 

Leandro Piña: Leandro Piña is a right-handed pitcher out of the Dominican Republic. He’s a 16-year-old who already stands tall at 6’3. Piña signed with the Pirates for $115,000. 

Luis Diaz: Signed out of Venezuela for just $50,000, Luis Diaz is a left-handed pitcher who appears to have some good upside. The 17-year-old southpaw already has a fastball that tops out at 92 mph. 

Samuel Inoa: The Pirates signed Samuel Inoa out of the Dominican Republic for a bonus of $240,000. Inoa is a 5’11 right-handed hitting catcher and is 16. Behind the plate, he has a strong arm and a quick release. Based on the defensive attributes and size, Inoa could be another Elias Diaz in the Pirates system.

Sherton Apostel: Already standing 6’4 as a 16-year-old, Sherton Apostel is a third baseman who was signed by the Pirates out of Curaçao. Offensively, he has raw power while his throwing arm is very good on the defensive side. Apostel’s signing bonus was at $200,000.

Yeudry Manzanillo: No relation to former Pirates reliever Josias Manzanillo, Yeudry Manzanillo is a 17-year-old right-handed pitcher. The Pirates liked his ability to throw strikes consistently, and they signed him out of the Dominican Republic for $150,000. 





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