Why Starling Marte Should be a Lock to Win the NL Gold Glove Award for Left Field

By Jason Shetler

p/c: Eric Hartline - USA Today Sports

p/c: Eric Hartline – USA Today Sports

Starling Marte certainly has emerged as not just arguably the best defensive left fielder in baseball, but one of the best outfield defenders in general. Marte has put himself in the National League Gold Glove conversation for left fielders the past couple seasons, and this year is definitely no exception. Here is a breakdown of Marte’s 2015 defensive stats.

.995 fielding percentage, 12.1 UZR/150, 2.0 dWAR, 15 outfield assists, 24 Defensive Runs Saved in 141 games 

The defensive metrics for Marte were all favorable for him this season. His UZR/150 was very much above average while he was also a two-win player on defense. Marte recorded an NL best 15 outfield assists. That total was six more than the second best left fielder which was the San Diego Padres Justin Upton who had nine. Marte’s 24 Defensive Runs Saved was also tops among NL left fielders. Christian Yelich of the Miami Marlins was second, and he had 13 Defensive Runs Saved. Looking at the figures from the other left fielders in the NL, Marte should be a virtual lock to capture his first Gold Glove Award. 




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