Aramis Ramirez Playing First Base Makes No Sense

By Jason Shetler

When the Pirates brought back Aramis Ramirez a week before the trade deadline, he was set to play third base with the absence of Josh Harrison. Ramirez has been a real disappointment so far both at the plate and defensively for the Bucs, posting a -0.6 WAR in 15 games. 

On Thursday, the Pirates had Ramirez taking groundballs at first base in an effort to somewhat make him more versatile in the field. Personally, it doesn’t make any sense considering the obvious that he’s never played the position in his entire career, as well as having him play there during a pennant race when each game is very important from here on out. 

Another thing that’s confusing is why the Pirates would try Ramirez at first base when they now have Michael Morse, who has played the position a lot. By having Ramirez play first as a right-handed hitting option, it pretty much defeats the purpose of trading for Morse. I also don’t buy the argument that it would give the Pirates more versatility for first base. They already have Sean Rodriguez, Travis Ishikawa and Morse who can handle the position, so why would they need more depth there? – If Ramirez happens to go on a hot streak and the Pirates want to keep his bat in there, it should be at third base and nowhere else. 


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