Should The Pirates Go After Kyle Lohse?

By Jason Shetler


As Spring Training games are about to get underway, Kyle Lohse is still without a team. The free agent right-hander, had a career year for the Cardinals in 2012, as he posted a 2.86 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP in 33 starts. A couple days ago, Jon Morosi of Fox Sports mentioned the Pirates as a team that would be a great fit for Lohse. Morosi makes mention of the Pirates having a pair of first round picks, and that they could afford to surrender one, but says money of course would be the bigger issue. Personally, I wouldn’t want to see the Pirates sign Lohse for a few reasons. First, the money and years would be an obstacle, as I’m sure Lohse is looking for a multiyear deal, while The Pirates certainly would want him on a one-year deal. The truth is, you don’t want be giving out multiyear contracts to players who are on the wrong side of 30. Although Lohse is coming off his best season in 2012, he didn’t have a dominant year in terms of racking up strikeouts, and he was given plenty of run support from the Cardinals offense, which is why he posted a 16-3 record. Lohse for the most part, profiles as a Jeff Karstens type starter, relying on good control, but not many strikeouts. So the question is, would the Pirates be willing to spend anywhere between $7-10M for more than one year on a pitcher who profiles more as a mid-rotation starter as well as giving up a draft pick? – If I were the Pirates, I would pass on this. 

One thought on “Should The Pirates Go After Kyle Lohse?

  1. I agree, the pirates shouldn’t be chasing around another free agent who wants a ridiculous contract for a pitcher in their mid-30’s. Plus losing the draft pick and all the money they would have to spend. The pirates already have enough arms. Let’s list em’: Burnett, Liriano, Wandy, Mcdonald, Karstens, Mcpherson, locke, cole, gomez, Oliver, Taillion and 5 other random guys who won’t make the rotation. Don’t give me some of that “if they care about contending they will sign him” crap. If they care about future years they won’t give up a draft pick to sign a pitcher who is projected to trend down. Besides 2011 and 2012, the past 5 years he hasn’t been good, He will fall apart once he gets out of the veteran rehab facility in St. Louis. Don’t sign him!!!!!!

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