Why the Pirates should use Stetson Allie as a reliever

I’m sure most Pirates fans including myself and Neal Huntington were surprised to see flame-throwing right-hander Stetson Allie fall into their lap in the second round of the 2010 draft. It’s not too often that a power pitcher with so much velocity could fall that far in the draft. The question was would the Pirates spend the money to sign Allie? After all the Pirates had never spent more than $2M on a second round pick. But the Pirates were able to sign him for $2.25M, which was the most for a Pirates second round pick until they signed Josh Bell for $5M last year. The Pirates were committed to using Allie as a starter, which was the right move at that time. Last season, Allie pitched in the State College rotation and there were mixed reviews. While he showed the ability to strike batters out, his control was very erratic. He was moved to the bullpen to limit his innings and seemed to pitch a little better there. Allie will head back to State College and will likely be in the rotation again. I think the Pirates should move Allie to the bullpen primarily moving forward. He’ll be able to throw in the upper 90’s consistently as a reliever, it’ll keep his arm fresh, and his track to the big leagues will be faster coming out of the pen. He could certainly be their future closer once they need to replace Joel Hanrahan. 


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